Leah first opened her interior and architecture design office in 1996 whilst residing in the UK. The management knowledge and experience she gained from higher education and from her previous and various occupations, including interior design studies in the UK, together with the merging of cultures she experienced, and the social and communal approach reaped from her education and professions, today create a unique mix in both her private and public projects.

Leah is known for her deep involvement in the many different aspects in her projects and for her practical approach. She presents a high and detailed level of plans in various resolutions. Her projects mix aesthetics, harmony and space-flow. Leah aims to stay within the client’s budget, taking note of the client’s needs and keeping to the schedule that has been agreed between all sides involved in the project.

Leah invests a lot of time in keeping up-to-date with the latest products and trends, whether by participating in conferences and exhibitions or by reading professional literature in different mediums and by meeting companies in professional forums. As a “Green building” course graduate, she combines the principles of saving energy and the principles of sustainable quality of life into her various projects.

Leah’s service includes accompanying the client for shopping for ceramics, lighting and furniture. She can also provide 3D renderings and occasional supervision and onsite meetings throughout the project. Leah’s office is able to offer a project management service during the process of the renovation of apartments.

Leah matches between the best professionals, who are both diverse and polite, and she gives solutions to problems that may arise, but always within the client’s budget. She is also able to organise discounts that ease the many expenses involved. An important part of Leah’s professional service is the prevention of time-wasting and of mistakes that can occur.

Despite her rich experience and knowledge, Leah is closely involved with her clients’ dilemmas and has a hand in the decision-making process. She clearly sees both the general picture and the small details in any given project.

All of this is done with a smile and with patience, in a caring, but energetic, manner.

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