work you did for me in the design of my

"place", but I really just wanted to thank you for everything you have worked on since last January.

Being new in the country made it very difficult for me to find the right materials at the right price………could you imagine me going to order all those furnishings, lighting, flooring, heating, etc. and putting the whole scheme together myself the way you did it?! I was thrilled that you were able to go to the right places and to find the right suppliers who could work and understand just what I needed.

You've left me with a dilemma! Which room do I like the best? Is it the living room? Or the conservatory with all my dream

colours of Autumn that exactly match my garden?

Well, whatever the answer is, you should know that I love the work you've done and please do pop in some time to see how I am settling in and to have a chat over an English cup of tea!

All my good wishes and may you give many more olim chadashim such wonderful assistance